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Is Your Roof Going To Last Through The Winter?

We Are Roofing Experts in Darien

You probably do not require us to tell you the value of having a strong and dependable roof that is equipped to protect your home this winter. But at the same time, maybe you do? The roof is the chief defender of a home from the harsh elements of winter. In many cases, homeowners do not understand how quickly a small problem with their roof can intensify and no one wants a leaky roof! For example, missing and lifted shingles can cause water to penetrate into a home when they are left unrepaired.

The best thing you can do to keep your roof in great condition all year long is to get regular inspections and maintenance when needed by a dependable roofing contractor in Darien!!!

Normal Wear & Tear; Signs of Roof Failure

Rooftops in Illinois get beaten up all year long. Bluebird days of sunshine are awesome, but ultra-violet light is hard on a roof, especially asphalt shingles. When combined with heavy winds, snow, hail, and heavy rain, it can spell a recipe for roof failure. Oftentimes, these kinds of damage are not seen from the ground. Here are some warning signs of roof damage to watch out for:

  • Missing and damaged shingles; warping, buckling, cracking, blistering, etc.
  • Cracked or insufficient caulk
  • Increased energy consumption
  • Moisture in the attic
  • Peeling paint under the eaves
  • Stains on the interior ceiling and walls

The easiest and most economical way to guarantee your roof is prepared to withstand the impact of the fluctuating temperatures this winter is to schedule an inspection with a local service for roof repair in Darien. This will provide your professional roofer the chance to identify and resolve problems like the ones we discussed today, and any other concerns before they get bigger. Since 1973, Royal Craft Home Remodelers has provided homeowners a supreme level of excellence


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February 4, 2021
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