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Tips For Combating Nasty Moss On a Roof

The spread of moss or algae on the roof of a home is a fairly common phenomenon in Illinois that does not spare any type of roofing in Darien whether it is made from asphalt shingles, concrete or clay tiles, or wood shakes. If ignored, the roof will surely see an early departure from its life on a home. Moss and algae manage to grow and increase in areas with more than average rainfall and an abundance of humidity. For instance, just a light breeze is all it takes to carry the spores from plants and lichen. Soon enough, the spores will grow and generate moss or algae in clusters and clumps.

When it comes to nature, she has specific rules. In the northern hemisphere, moss typically grows on the northern side of the roof or in areas of the roof that are shaded. Shade creates a lack of direct sunlight and makes it ideal for moss to reproduce. The morning dew and rain showers saturate the moss and take longer to evaporate without help from the sun. This creates the perfect place for the moss to multiply until the entire roof is entirely taken over and conquered slowly but surely. It won't happen overnight, but it will surely destroy a roof when neglected.

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The little moss should not be ignored. It appears small, but like the sponge on the kitchen sink, moss can absorb and store up to four times its weight in moisture. A roof that is covered with moss is bearing a heavy load of moisture. With this added weight, it presses down on the plywood decking and trusses. The stimulation of its roots hurries up the deterioration of the roof.

How can this dilemma be resolved? Moss can be eliminated so long as the homeowner has not let it get out of hand. It does though however require the assistance of a professional roofer, so the first step is to call a reliable Darien roofing contractor like Royal Craft Remodeling. There are proper roof cleaning tools and agents that stop the problem at its very base and delicately remove the lumpy and heavy moss deposits without damaging the roof shingles. It is a really tedious and meticulous job and each shingle requires special attention. With this method, up to 90% of the moss can normally be removed. If the remaining portion is too hard to remove then a roof cleaning solution must be applied. The entire project will restore the look and increase the life of the roof, which is the most important part of a home.

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May 10, 2021
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