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Pella 250 Series

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More of Everything You Love About Vinyl.

Get Pella craftsmanship in a great-looking vinyl window thats stronger and more energy efficient than ordinary vinyl. Offering low-maintenance, easy-care vinyl frames, Pella 250 Series windows mean no more painting, staining or refinishing and they stay looking great for years. And solid and dual-color frame options mean you can be sure to find a window to complement your homes style.

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Proven Performance.

Pella 250 Series are engineered to withstand the rigorous performance requirements of a commercial building, so you can trust them to perform in your home. Suitable for all climates, our fiberglass windows and patio doors help you create a comfortable home year-round.

Exceptionally Energy Efficient

Our multiple insulating frame chambers and exclusive weather-repel system deliver energy efficiency while channeling water away from your home. Add optional foam insulation and triple-pane glass to improve energy efficiency.

52% stronger frames than ordinary vinyl

Choose Pella 250 Series windows with confidence. Our exclusive vinyl formula is performance-tested for excellent weathering, durability and color retention.

The Pella Difference

Pella 250 Series products offer innovative and enhanced security and privacy features for more peace of mind. Our exclusive vinyl formula is performance tested for excellent weathering, durability and color retention.

Delivering Unmatched Strength and Style

Pella 250 Series windows are created from our exclusive fiberglass formula. A structural mat places rovings in a specific, intricate order to meet our high strength standards. Additional layers of strategically placed rovings are added, then the materials are pulled through a machine, injected with polymer resin and heated. It creates an entirely new, thermoset material which won't break down when exposed to the elements or lose its shape in extreme heat unlike other materials.

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